Apehanger handlebar installation - internal wiring

The apehangers have cavities for internal wiring. I thought I would give it a try for a cleaner look.

When I started mocking things up I realized the preconceived ideas I had were wrong. I thought the wires came out of the housing like normal (like above), went under the levers, and then up into the hole.

In actuality the hole for the wiring is positioned under the housing so the wires have to be re-routed inside the housing a little bit. This was a surprise for me.

I removed the harness covering and separated the wires. I'll be adding 18" to most of the wires. I'm adding 21" to the two clutch wires since they now have to run from inside the housing back out to the clutch switch.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the black connector would fit inside the handlebars. One less thing to mess with.

For the white connector side I was able to remove the pins from the connector. There is a locking tab on the back that is removed. The wires can be removed by depressing the locking tabs on the pins. I used a small awl.

Now the tedious work begins. I tried to add wires that were the same color as much as possible. I soldered and heat shrank all the connections. This part took me over two hours.

There are three different ground wires in this harness so I merged them into one to save a little space.

When it came time to run the harness through the handlebars the black connector had some trouble pushing through the last turn. I sprayed some teflon lube and this solved the problem. Getting the last few inches was the trickiest. They wanted to bunch up inside the housing. I pulled one wire at a time to take out any slack then slowly fitted the housing onto the handlebar.

This was the only part of the procedure I was concerned with. It's hard to see how the wires inside the housing are fitting as you put the housing on the handlebar. I don't want a wire to rub or be pinched and eventually short to ground or break. If I have problems with running the wiring internally I can always take them out and run them on the outside.

I only had time to do one side tonight. House remodeling is eating up most of my time right now and I'm not sure when I'll get to the other side. I'll also test the wiring as much as possible before re-connecting it. I don't want to damage something or have odd problems. It doesn't look like either connector on the right side will fit through the hole. Hopefully I can remove the pins. Stay tuned.

A few days had went by and the quality of my wiring job kept nagging me. I didn't like the idea of the wires bunch up at the housing. The ground wires were also kind of tangled where I had merged some of them together. I ended up taking the wires out of the handlebars and redoing some of them. I resoldered the ground wires so none of the wires were bunched up. I had a couple wires that were longer than the rest so I trimmed them.

I also ran the wires in ziploom from the connectors all the way into the housing. This way they won't be rubbing the metal handlebars. It also made it a lot easier to the push the wires through the bars. I'm much happier with the quality this time around and I'll have peace of mind.

The wires are completely hidden. I like the cleanliness of it.

A week later I was able to do the other side. I was able to remove the wires from both connectors which made it easier. It didn't take as long to do the right side after doing the left. I checked as much of the wiring as I could and put the handlebars back on.

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