Storage bags

After buying the Victory one of the items I started looking for was a windshield storage bag. When we went to flea markets or antique stores I kept an eye out for something that would work. I thought it would be nice to repurpose something. However, my search came up empty. This past Christmas Donna got me a windshield bag.

It is ALC Saddlebags P/N 8966-91 and she got it at Amazon. It's just the right size and doesn't block any instrumentation. I removed the bag's metal mounting bracket and stiffener and used one of the windshield bolts to mount it. It fit nicely between two other bolts.

I decided to get another back for the back. I ordered ALC Saddlebags P/N 8066A-H from Amazon. It has studs to match the seat. I used the bottom seatrest bolt hole to mount the bag. I used a slightly longer M6 bolt.

The bags make nice storage for sunglasses, cigarettes (Donna), tissues, chapstick...

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