LED brakelights

One thing I noticed about the Victory was the lack of rear lighting. I like the bike to be seen by those following me. I added additional brakelights to the Goldwing and I decided to do something similar with the Victory.

I used the same LED flasher I used on the Goldwing spoiler brakelight. Is is $5 from Superbrightleds.com. It took longer to decide on an LED light to use for the auxiliary brakelights. I had decided to put it where the reflector is above the license plate. I eventually found these LB01 lights from Custom Dynamics. Two of these would fit almost perfectly.

The reflector popped off easily but it took a couple applications of Goo Gone to remove all the adhesive.

I drilled holes to match the wiring outlets on the lights.

The lights are mounted. They come with 3M adhesive backing.

The auxiliary brakelights on the bike.

My initial thought was to run the wiring down to the brakelight and tap into the wiring there. However, the more I looked at it it looked like I would have to take off the fender to access the mounting bolts for the lights and brackets. Then there would have to be a hole drilled in the fender somewhere. I decided to run the wires under the seat. This was simpler and less destructive.

The wiring snaked under the seat...

...to the connector where I spliced the wiring. Here are the new lights in action.

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