Crashbar lights

When I had my Nomad I installed crashbar lights to make the bike more visible to oncoming traffic. My Goldwing has foglights that serve the same purpose. From the start I knew I'd be putting crashbar lights on the Victory, too.

I ordered the same lights I used on my Nomad...Show Chrome 16-104. 50 watts, adjustable bezel, and an adjustable mount.

I knew I'd be running the wires internally so once I determined a mounting location I removed the crashbar and took it to the vice. This is hard metal! I broke a couple drill bits getting the hole started. I had to use a dozen or so sizes to step my way up to the 1/2" hole I needed.

I fed the wire through the top hole...

...and used a pick tool to extract it from the new hole.


The near finished product. I was out of ziploom.

A nice triangular light pattern that makes you easier to see to oncoming drivers.

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