2020 Farmhouse Cafe supper trip

August 22

We were always looking for places to ride to. Debby had found a restaurant in Brown County she wanted to try...The Farm House Cafe and Tea Room. It sounded like a nice ride so we planned to do it. We met at John & Debby's. Donna wasn't able to go so I rode the Victory. I needed to knock the dust off it.

John had the cafe in his GPS so he led. I get to follow...which is nice. The Victory will be playing 'catch up' to the other's Goldwings. John and Mike both ride faster than I do and they are on faster steeds. We headed east on US50 then turned north on scenic IN-135. At IN-46 we turned west for a bit, then John's GPS took us the shortest route...down some curvy and sometimes gravel county roads. We eventually arrived with no issues.

The place is kind of artsy fartsy. Lots of gardens and such. We walked around and explored. We had arrived early for our reservations.

Soon it was time to sit for supper. They had a guy setting up to play music. The place had a nice atmosphere and the waitress was on it.

John and I already knew what we wanted before we got there...prime rib. Mouth watering!

Everyone had good food and the prices weren't bad.

After supper we boarded the bikes and headed out. We rode over to IN-135, down through Nashville then took IN-46 towards Bloomington. From there we went south on scenic and curvy IN-446. We rode passed John Mellencamp's estate and over Lake Monroe.

We stopped at the Dollar General store to pick up a few supplies and chat for awhile.

John has simplified the graphics on the rear of his Goldwing and I like it.

From here we all went our separate ways. It was a nice supper ride. We need to do this more often.

106 miles.

See you on the Highway!

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