Auxiliary fuse block

Whenever I add electronics to things (bikes, cars) I try as much as possible to keep them independent of the factory wiring. I've found it causes less problems and is easier to troubleshoot.

Another thing I like to do is find used fuseblocks on Ebay that have been parted out from motorcycles. They are usually compact, pre-wired, and have a good combination of independent and ganged circuits. Here is the one I'm going to use on the Victory. It has three independently fused circuits and two three-ganged circuits.

The connectors have spade connections. While it is tempting to use them I will probably cut them off and solder the connections for maximum reliability.

Here is how it will be used:

- There is a key-on circuit to power the auxiliary lights, handlebar circuits, and the fuel & voltage gauges.
- There will be another key-on based circuit for the headlights and spotlights. Each lighting system has its own fuse. The headlight will get its power directly from the battery.
I'd like to mount it so it and the relays are accessible by removing a side cover. I don't want to have to remove a seat alongside the road to hunt for a blown fuse. Done that.

Here is what the wiring looked like when I was done. Since I added so much wiring I decided to use terminal strips in case I needed to troubleshoot something. Eventually I'll probably remove the terminal blocks and solder the wires. It all fits behind the side cover.

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