Additional gauges

The Victory comes with an informational display built into the speedometer. Two of the displays are voltage and fuel level. I don't like having to rotate through a display to see how much gas I have or what the voltage is. Because of this I decided to add a couple gauges.

I have always used Autometer gauges in the past. As I searched for gauges I noticed VDO has a line of marine gauges. I decided to give these a try. I ended up getting their Viewline Onyx line as these matched the white letters & black background of the factory speedometer.

An issue I had was matching the fuel gauge to the factory sender. The factory sender is non-standard with 103 ohms full and 5 ohms empty. The closest gauge available was 90 ohms full and 0 ohms empty. That should be close enough.

Another issue was how and where to mount the gauges. I had ordered VDO chrome gauge cups. These have a mounting bolt in the rear. After a lot of pondering and mocking up different ideas I decided to use some cable clamps as a base and modify the gauge cups.

The cable clamps use a #10 bolt. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the gauge pod and used a longer #10 bolt to hold everything together.

Here is everything assembled. I used a nut and lockwasher for extra strength.

The assembly in place.

The gauges fit loosely in the cups so I used a round of tape to tighten things up.

I didn't want the wire to the factory fuel gauge to be open so I put in a 47 ohm resistor to ground. This causes a display of ~1.8 gallons. I wasn't sure if an open would cause some sort of error to the computer. The wire sticking up in the air will go to the new fuel gauge.

The new gauges in place. A nice feature of the VDO gauges is they are dampened. Sloshing fuel won't cause the gauge needle to flop around.

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