Halogen headlight conversion

One of the first things I noticed about the Victory was the sealed beam lights and the yellowish light they put out. My first upgrade will be to convert the headlight to halogen.

After some internet searching I decided to order a replacement Hella halogen headlight.

It comes with a bulb and protective boot.

It has a glass lens which I prefer.

The wiring harness was plug-n-play. I did have an issue with fitment. The flange of the halogen bulb is a little thinner than the sealed beam bulb. When the retaining ring is installed the bulb is loose. I solved this problem by installing several small machine screws around the mounting bucket. I adjusted the screws until the new halogen bulb fit snuggly.

A couple nights later I received these 4 1/2" halogen spotlights from Amazon. I'll be replacing the sealed beam units on the bike.

The ground connector has to be changed to a forked connector, but otherwise it is remove and replace.

The headlight and spotlights are now halogen. I can see better and I prefer the white halogen light to the yellowish sealed beam light.

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