Mustang seat with Utopia Backrest

I had a Mustang seat on my Nomad and really liked it. I knew from my Victory research that a Mustang seat was a popular upgrade. Unfortunately, Mustang had stopped making them years ago. For over a year I searched Ebay and Craigslist for a Mustang seat with studs and a backrest. My searches were in vain.

A month ago I just happened upon a Mustang seat on Ebay. It had studs but no backrest. It was only a $100 so I bid on it. It was still at $100 with a minute to go in the auction then the price kept jumping up. I ended up paying $200 for it. The Mustang seat is much more comfortable than the stock. An added benefit is it gave me a little lower seat height.

The bad part was I bought a $256 Utopia backrest for the stock seat just last fall. I put the seat on Ebay but got no interest. Well...a guy offered me $100 I set both seats side-by-side and pondered moving the Utopia backrest to the Mustang. looked possible.

The seatpans on the Mustang were a lot flatter than the stock seat. The Mustang passenger seat is also a separate pad. I could see the gap between the two seats lined up nicely with the passenger seat pan. I made a slit under the passenger seat and slid the backrest in. It fit right against the pan. That was too easy!

I drilled and tapped a couple 1/4" holes through the backrest mounting bar and used a large washer and a metal bar to spread the load.

The Mustang seat with transplanted Utopia backrest.

On the factory seat if you grabbed the backrest the whole seat/backrest assembly would move several inches side to side. It wasn't very solid. The backrest on the Mustang seat is rock solid and feels so good on my back. Donna didn't like riding the Victory with the stock seat. Hopefully this one will suit her better.

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