Replacement front turn signals

When I bought the Victory I did a lot of internet forum research. One popular upgrade was replacing the stock front turn signals with Harley lights. They are much better quality. I found a set on Ebay, and I agree, the Harley lights are much better quality than the plastic lights on the Victory. I put the lights on a shelf for a future project.

Recently I noticed I had no front marker lights. Both of the light bulbs were burned out. I didn't have any extra bulbs but there were bulbs in the Harley turn signals. Time for a project.

The Harley turn signals. Nice metal, chrome housings. Nice quality lenses. The mounting holes are 5/16"-24 (fine thread).

There is a hole in the windshield bracket that wires pass through. I decided to use this hole to mount the lights. I got some hardware (above) from Lowes.

The factory turn signals have a mounting bracket that needs to be eliminated. It is tack welded to the lightbar. It would have been nice if the lightbar had been made in such a way the wires could have been ran internally.

I used a chisel to break the tack welds revealing some rust. I ground the rust off and put on a coat of paint on the affected area. It's on the bottom so no one will see.

The new turn signal mounted. It only took a few dollars in parts and was simple to do.

I used the factory wiring harnesses. The wires were actually a gauge or two larger than the Harley wires. I used zip loom to clean up the factory wiring some.

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